Servers Offline Feb. 26th and 27th

I'm taking down my servers for a couple of days, in order to help promote people playing in Kluwolf's Light Cycle tournament: which is being held on the 26th and 27th. Not sure if the two days will end up being necessary, but I will wait until the 28th before I bring my servers back online.

The latest information from Kluwolf, has the tournament starting today at 8PM (20:00) Pacific time in North America. He will be releasing a special map pack that is meant to be used on his LC servers. It will contain a brand new custom map in it, to help stir up the competition a little. Keep an eye out on the various TRON message boards tonight, for details on where to get this new map pack.

Remember that there are prizes to be won, in this tournament! So get out there, and participate!

See you back on the grid again, on Tuesday the 28th.