Things We Can Look Forward To

Let's take a break from the negative thoughts now, and focus on the positive for a moment.

There are still several things we, as players of the game, can look forward to in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Techromancer and Zook_One are making new Multiplayer maps. Yes, imagine that. I don't have any preview screenshots for Techro's map, but here are some shots that Zook recently posted. (Remember that these are early shots.)

Early screenshots from Zook_One's Derez map

Meatsack and new partner Win3K are working on the next chapter of the User Error Single Player mission for TRON 2.0. Which, at last report, is approximately 1/3 complete. You can download the first chapter from HERE, and you can use REZ Handler to install it.

Screenshot from User Error

Xistence is continuing his work on The Digital Messiah Single and Multiplayer expansion project. Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots to show you at this time. But trust me, this is going to blow everyone away when it's done. You can find out more about TDM in an upcoming interview I did with him.

For myself, I've got many projects in the works. Some are a long way off, if ever. Others are ones that I'm currently working on, albeit at a snail's pace. Current projects are: updating the Unofficial FAQ by (hopefully) the end of February; a (very) small Single Player Mod; a Skin Remix Mod that will combine three existing Multiplayer Mods, plus add some nice new touches; and REZ Handler 2.0 is my biggest project, it will be a huge upgrade to the previous versions when it's done. And I mean huge. It's a complete rewrite and redesign, from the ground up. Unfortunately, progress on it is slower than I anticipated it to be.

Finally, Kluwolf is holding a Light Cycle tournament on February 26th and/or 27th, with prizes to be won. You can find out more about the tournament, by visiting his GameGrid site.