Problem With Unofficial Patch Discovered?

Well, it's a bit late . . . but here is the "shocking" discovery I was talking about in my last news post. I'm certain I've found a problem with the Unofficial Patch.

I've been using the Unofficial Patch since it was first released: because I felt that it was far better than the Official Patch. And I still feel that way. The fact that it doubles the amount of custom map .REZ files you can use -- that alone -- makes it worth using. But there seems to be an issue, that needs to be fixed.

The problem specifically lies within the modified TRONSrv.exe executable, and mainly affects those who wish to host their own TRON 2.0 servers.

When using the TRONSrv.exe executable from the Unofficial Patch, the following problems occurred in testing:

  • When hosting within the game itself, music and sound effects are sometimes not heard for both the host and client.
  • When hosting a Dedicated Server, many sound effects are always completely missing for the clients.
  • When hosting within the game itself, certain maps will exhibit odd behavior. The main symptom is both objects and players falling through an elevated plane/brush, when spawned above it.
  • When hosting a Dedicated Server, certain maps will exhibit this same odd behavior: especially if they are the first in rotation. Symptoms include not only the objects/players falling problem, but also hidden objects immediately showing themselves -- instead of remaining hidden until the proper time.

The way to fix these problems, is to use the original TRONSrv.exe from the Official Patch instead. When using the original version, the aforementioned problems disappeared. And testing has shown that the Dedicated Server will still be able to load the extra custom map .REZ files, past the Official Patch limit.

On the downside, the Official Patch version of TRONSrv.exe still has problems. But these are less bothersome than the ones caused by the modified version of the executable, from the Unofficial Patch. The original version seems to crash on startup more often. And I have noticed that the "attachment bug" with players' weapons floating in mid-air by themselves, occurs more frequently with the original version. Also, there are still instances where even the original version will sometimes not play music or sound effects. But it's nowhere near as problematic.

I recommend that everyone stops using the TRONSrv.exe from the Unofficial Patch (not just server hosts) until the problems can be fixed, and replace it with the original executable. Which can be downloaded from HERE.

At least one of these problems has been independently verified in the past, HERE and HERE. And the verified problem, is the one relating to sound effects missing while playing on TRON 2.0 servers. At the time, no one realized the exact cause. But I think I've found it. All it takes is for one end (host or client) to be using the modified TRONSrv.exe from the Unofficial Patch, and the sound problem will occur.

So again, this means everyone should download the original TRONSrv.exe and replace the one they have, if they're using the Unofficial Patch.