TRON Comic Release Date

The first issue of the new TRON comic entitled TRON: Ghost In The Machine from SLG Publishing should appear in stores starting on April 26th.

This is it, folks! We're finally getting a TRON comic, after the previously announced comic from 88MPH Studios ended up being cancelled. If you want the sad story behind that, visit this article in Andrew Dabb's blog. (Andrew Dabb was the writer.) And if you want to see artwork from that comic, visit Gabe Bridwell's site. (Gabe was the penciller.)

I think it's important that everyone understands, that this new comic absolutely needs to be a success. Every TRON fan needs to buy this comic, and harass their friends and family to buy copies, too. ;)

Because if this comic doesn't sell well enough, it will probably mean the end of TRON as far as Disney is concerned. No more games, no more comics, and no movie sequel.

Thanks to fellow LDSO member Load"*",8,1, for the tip!