Map Packs Updated

LC Map Pack 3 and DM Map Pack 1 have been updated. I recommend that everyone (especially server operators) update to these new map packs, as soon as possible.

Changes in LC Map Pack 3
Racetrack UPDATED
Red Planet UPDATED

You can delete the following file if you have it (it's been merged with this map pack):

Changes in DM Map Pack 1
Airstrike UPDATED
Oldskool ADDED
RGB Processing Grid ADDED
SkyGrid 01 ADDED
SkyGrid 02 ADDED

You can delete the following files if you have them (they've been merged with this map pack):

May 19th UPDATE: The Mac LC Map Pack is already up to date, so there's no need to download a new one. The Mac DA/DM Map Pack only has one map that is out of date, win3k's Airstrike. Since the site where I host these map packs is currently doing maintenance, and temporarily isn't accepting uploads: I will wait until at least one new DA or DM map is released, before updating again. Sorry for the delay.