REZ Handler 2.0 Preview

I've been quietly working on the next version of REZ Handler, for months now. I actually didn't plan to reveal anything about it until it was done. I preferred the idea of working on it, until it was feature complete and working to my satisfaction, before talking about it openly. It's a large, ambitious project and it would have been easy to announce it: then never live up to the original promises in a reasonable timeframe. I thought it best to not talk about it, until it was ready. (I work on this in my spare time, and there have been periods where sometimes days or even weeks would go by without working on it.)

Those plans changed, due to Daddyo's Tron Link announcement. I contacted him privately, to let him know that I'd already been working on one feature of his proposed program. In fact, I hope we can work out some kind of collaboration. But in the meantime, I've pressed on with getting one particular feature to work. And at this point — aside from some tweaking and bug fixing — that feature is done.

Demo video of Server List - 3.3 MB .WMV

Above are screenshots and a link to a video, of the Server List feature in action. This allows you to see and join TRON 2.0 servers from outside of the game. Click on a server, hit Join, and the game will go straight to joining the server you chose. The Server List feature has arguably more functions than either the game's own built-in server browser or Gamespy Arcade. And the last time I checked, Xfire will only let you see servers if a friend of yours is already on a server.

Possibly the most important addition, is that the Server List will tell you whether or not a TRON 2.0 server is hosting a Mod and which one it is. The game's built-in browser will not tell you this, and doesn't explain why you were kicked off a server if you didn't have that Mod.

I'm considering releasing an early preview version for download, with most of the program's functions disabled except for the Server List. That way, people can just use the Server List feature for now, until the rest of the program is ready. This would be done on the understanding that this is a Pre-Alpha version, that is bound to have bugs and is not running as efficiently as it could.

Bug reports and constructive criticism would be welcomed. Complaints just to bitch for the sake of bitching, would not. (Some people just have to knock other people's work in order to feel good about themselves, it seems.)

June 22nd UPDATE: The preview version is now available for download from HERE.