TRON Comic Issue 2 Description (SPOILER!)

I just found a description of the story for issue two of the TRON comic, on SLG Publishing's site. Highlight the area below with your mouse, to see what the next issue has in store for us!

The computer world is at war: the tyrannical Master Control Program has returned to power and seeks the absolute domination of the Free Systems. Now Jet Bradley, accused murderer and fugitive from reality, finds himself leading the rebellion against this oppressive regime. But as the battle rages, Jet's tenacious grip on sanity weakens.

I must say, I'm surprised to see that character is appearing in the comic. Apparently, Steven Lisberger's favorite script that he wrote for a potential sequel: features the character in a big way. So anything that happens in the comic, may not fit with the film. (If it ever gets made . . . sigh.)

I thought Disney might have decreed that some characters are "hands off" for just this reason, but it seems that's not the case. Continuity versus creative freedom . . . it's a tough balancing act, but I'd prefer if they erred on the side of continuity.

Regardless, it's too early to say anything one way or the other.