LDSO Site Is Back

The LDSO site is back, with a new address:!

The forum and its content has been completely preserved. Members will still be able to log in using their original account name and password. All member accounts were saved, in the site's transfer to the new address.

File downloads have also been restored. So you'll be able to grab all the maps and other files again, that have been created by LDSO members.

Now that the site is back online, the Unofficial TRON 2.0 FAQ will be returning shortly! I just need to finish making some updates to it. Expect it to return before the weekend is over (if all goes as planned).

August 8th UPDATE: A couple of days late . . . but the Unofficial FAQ is back online. Not only that, it's now up to date too. The link in the grey sidebar, to the right, will take you to the updated FAQ.

The FAQ will answer many of your questions about the game, such as: what are the names of all the maps and mods available, and what do they look like (screenshots); what bugs are in the game, and how to do you get around them; what are the cheat codes for Single Player; Walkthroughs with screenshots for the first 12 levels (so far, more are on the way); and much more.