More Cool TRON Videos And A Steven Lisberger Interview

While searching on YouTube again, I found some more cool TRON videos.

Cool TRON Techno Music Video

MCP Cameo on South Park

(Don't watch if you're easily offended by religious humor)

There was also one that popped up recently on YouTube, with the sweet TRON parody from Family Guy . . . but YouTube removed it. Fortunately, I found another source.

Family Guy TRON Parody (in .WMV format)

I also stumbled upon a Steven Lisberger interview from a couple of years ago, back when the (then) new 20th Anniversary 70mm film print was being screened in 2004. I'd never read it before: so I thought it might be "new" to most of you, as well.

UGO Interview with Steven Lisberger