New TRON 2.0 Cell Phone Game?

What the?! A new TRON 2.0 item from Disney, out of the blue.

Living Mobile, a division of WDIG (the Walt Disney Internet Group, the same people who made the TRON VMK), has quietly released a new game for cell phones called TRON 2.0 3D. Though if you do a search on Living Mobile's site, you won't find anything about it.

Apparently, this game was announced two years ago and to be released by a company named Superscape. But the deal must have fell through, and the game didn't come out until now.

There have already been two TRON 2.0 cell phone games released in the past: TRON 2.0: Discs of TRON, and TRON 2.0: Light Cycles.

Both received poor reviews. Hopefully, this new game will fare differently. It certainly looks quite nice.

Sample screenshots of TRON 2.0 3D

Hmm, first the TRON room in VMK. Now a new TRON 2.0 cell phone game. WDIG is certainly showing a lot of interest in TRON these days, unlike their sister company BVG.

Get with the program, programs! BVG, give us that TRON 2.0 expansion — for the PC and Mac, not just consoles — that we've all been waiting for.