TRON Comic Issue 3 In December

Had you for a second, perhaps? Were you thinking "oh no, not another delay"? No, I'm talking about Issue #3 now. According to SLG's site, it's scheduled for December.

Let's hope so. The huge gulf between #1 and #2 has been a bit disheartening. As you can see in an earlier article: Issue #2 has been delayed three times since July, and is now scheduled to come out in October. My suspicion as to the reason for the delay has changed, which I will get into in a moment.

Above is the proposed cover for Issue #3. Also, here is the description from SLG's site. (Strangely enough, Issue #2 is not listed on the updated "New Releases" schedule yet.)

Highlight the description with your mouse to read it (SPOILERS!):

Trapped in the digital realm, at war with the Master Control Program, and now plagued by nightmarish visions of talking rabbits, Jet Bradley fights for his sanity as his descent into cyberspace takes a turn for the bizarre.

Now, I have to admit: that synopsis for Issue #3 does not exactly sound all that appealing to me at this moment. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised, and there will be a good explanation for that description, once I actually get to read the story.

As for the reason that Issue #2 has been delayed so long. Well, when I saw the preview cover for Issue #3, I thought something was odd. The artwork didn't really look the same. Then it struck me. The page on SLG reveals that the artist has changed. Louie De Martinis is gone, and in his place is Mike Shoykhet.

Uh oh.

I'm definitely not pleased to hear about that. I don't like it when artists change. Especially on a limited-run title, like TRON is going to be. It's jarring to see the art style change from one issue to the next. I just hope that the new artist does justice to the TRON universe. Louie was doing a pretty damn good job, I must say.

So, now I'm guessing the delay has something to do with the change of artists. Perhaps Louie became too busy with other projects and had difficulty completing the work for Issue #2. Hence the delay, and the change. Just speculation, mind you.

At any rate, here's looking forward to Issue #2 next month. And hopefully Issue #3 will come out on time.