TRON LightCycle Map Released

Arriving a bit earlier than expected, Layer has released his new TRON LightCycle map.

Relive the excitement of the film TRON with this Light Cycle map, that recreates the grid and escape scenes in almost exact detail. It features voices, sound effects, models, and events that are true to our favorite film.

Screenshot montage of Layer's TRON LightCycle map

You can download the map from HERE.

Don't forget to check out the bridge of Sark's Carrier for some nice interactive features, that can be used with the action "F" key on the keyboard.

Congratulations to Layer, for creating a map that so faithfully honors and respects TRON. :)

UPDATE: Layer discovered a problem with the map, so he has released a new version. Please delete the map if you've already downloaded it, and get it again. The download link has been updated to point to the new version.