New Steven Lisberger Interview on IGN

As you all may have noticed, I haven't posted much in way of news recently. The last month has been quite hectic for me, so I didn't have a lot of time to devote to the site. Also, quite frankly, there hasn't been much TRON news to talk about lately. But that will likely change, very soon.

I've also just switched the site from the old Blogger platform to the new one. I figure that Google will inevitably force everyone to switch at some point anyway, so might as well get it over with. I'm hoping nothing became broken in the process. I'll be checking for problems, though. If anyone notices that anything has become broken, please let me know.

With that preface out of the way, let's talk about something really worth checking out. I discovered through TRON-Sector, that there's a new interview with Steven Lisberger on IGN. I don't normally like to take news headings from another site and report them here — I prefer to break the news first — but this was too important to pass up. Besides, I share news items with TRON-Sector when I find them. So I think the reverse should also apply. :)

Steven Lisberger Interview - Part 1
Steven Lisberger Interview - Part 2

The interview is pretty insightful. Mr. Lisberger shares a few anecdotes that he's never talked about before. And the interviewer, fortunately, "gets" TRON and appreciates all the work that went into it.