TRON Comic Issue 4 Sneak Peek, And More

Landry Walker, co-writer of the TRON: The Ghost In the Machine comic, recently showed off a preview of artwork from the next issue (as seen on the left). It was posted in a thread on the TRON-Sector web site, that has lead to an interesting glimpse into what may represent the future of TRON comics at SLG Publishing.

TRON-Sector member JJ Gregarius also posted a link to an entry on the blog of SLG Publishing's owner Dan Vado, where Dan answered some questions about how all the Disney titles are faring.

When you boil down all the information to its essence, the following conclusions can be made.

  • SLG's license for the Disney comics expires in August of 2008. So until then, SLG is sure to take advantage of it and publish as many Disney comics as they can.
  • This likely means that when the Ghost In the Machine comic ends, more TRON projects will follow. Landry Walker has already been dropping hints (either here on this site in his comments, or on TRON-Sector) that such will probably be the case.
  • Landry has mentioned the possibility of a Graphic Novel based on the original TRON film, or another comic series. (Of course, none of this is set in stone. They're just possibilities, and mighty enticing ones at that.)
  • Dan Vado is apparently pleased with the performance of the TRON comic so far, and it is one of their better selling Disney-licensed comics.
  • There is a strong possibility that any new TRON titles will be in black and white, rather than color. While I can understand the financial reasons behind this decision, I personally could not accept a TRON comic without color. That would be depressing. Vibrant colors are a key element in TRON; they are part of what made the film so memorable. I'm sure most of the readers out there would agree. Let's hope that there might be some way for color to remain a feasible option.