Another TRON Comic Writers Interview

The site Paperback Reader has interviewed Landry Walker and Eric Jones, co-authors of the TRON: The Ghost in the Machine comic.

The interview features some new insights into the authors themselves, as well as a couple of tidbits of new information. The following are the highlights of the interview.

Are there any other projects you two are working on and do they involve more TRON?

LANDRY: Yes, we're working on additional TRON material besides this one series.

This seems to confirm that there are definitely more TRON comic projects coming down the pipeline.

How far in the future have you planned issues for TRON?

LANDRY: Thirteen issues in my mind. Maybe only seven. Depends on where we decide to call it a day.

Landry mentioned the possibility of up to thirteen issues before, but I personally didn't think he would still be considering it. A run that long, would be pretty amazing.