News Bits

Here are some news "bits", to tide things over during another slow news period. (Get it? Bits? BitNo Oh, never mind.)

TRON: The Ghost In the Machine co-author Landry Walker has posted another artwork preview from the upcoming Issue #4 (due out next month). The Light Cycles look pretty nice. Can't wait to see what they look like when they're done, in full color.

Ever since Buena Vista Games (BVG) announced they were changing their name to Disney Interactive Studios (DIS or simply DI), I was wondering how they were going to handle their "mature" titles. Based on their past history, it didn't seem likely they would publish any potentially "controversial" titles under the Disney name. (Controversial because they contained slightly more mature themes, or depicted mild violence. Gasp.)

Well, now we have the answer. Mature titles will be released, either under the "Touchstone" name (you remember Touchstone Films, don't you?) or under the "ABC" name. Somehow, I just don't see how those names fit for video game releases. They're way too strongly associated with film and television entertainment. But I guess rather than invent new names, Disney chose to use existing ones.

Can you picture someone saying something like "Did you pick up the latest Touchstone game that came out?" or "Did you check out that new game from ABC?". They both sound pretty weird to me.

On a disappointing note: I discovered that the Abyss Single Player mission by Johnny LaRue I mentioned in a previous article, has been postponed indefinitely. Here's hoping it does get finished, some day.