Avi Speaks, And You Should Listen

I prefer to keep any articles I post strictly related to news, and other items that are of interest or entertaining to TRON fans. But once in a while, something really important will come up that involves the community itself and the state it's in. This is one of those times. And I feel it's important people are made aware of it.

Every gaming community has its dramas . . . and the TRON 2.0 community is certainly not immune to it, despite its small size.

If you're playing TRON 2.0 Multiplayer right now, I think you should read Avi's latest post on his new MySpace blog. Avi is a very active member of the community, who I also think deserves a lot of kudos for his efforts to help bring life back to TRON 2.0 Multiplayer.

Some of the language in his post is a bit strong, but I believe his message is important and everyone playing the game should definitely read it.