TRON Comic Issue 4 In July

It hasn't been announced yet on SLG Publishing's site, but I'm calling it. It's obvious that Issue #4 won't be released this month. If the release schedule still hasn't been updated this far into June, and TRON #4 doesn't appear on Diamond Comics' next two shipping lists . . . it's a fait accompli. There was a remote chance it could have shipped on the 27th and this had yet to be announced, but the shipping lists prove otherwise.

Now, I hate to be all gloom and doom. But I have a couple of things to say that fall into that category.

First off, I hope SLG understands that all these delays must be killing interest in the comic. I've seen evidence on the message boards of various comic sites, where people became fed up with waiting for each issue's release. Not everyone is as patient as a long-time fan like me. More to the point, why are these tremendous delays continuing? Has SLG bitten off more than it can chew, with regards to the Disney licenses? I think so. It's been over a year since the release of the first issue, and we still don't have Issue #4 in our hands.

Second, co-writer Landry Walker has posted a message recently stating that despite earlier aspirations for a long run and spin-off projects, it looks like the run of TRON comics will end with Issue #6.

It's all rather disappointing news.

July 5th UPDATE: I've just found out that Issue #4 has been sent to be printed. So it shouldn't be much longer, before it finally becomes available in comic stores.

July 9th UPDATE: SLG's release schedule has been updated to show that Issue #4 will finally be released on Wednesday, July 25th!