New TRON XBOX Live Arcade Game Release Dates and Reviews Appear

According to, both TRON Arcade and Discs of TRON for the 360's Live Arcade have new release dates of February 1, 2008. But considering the tradition of Live Arcade games only being released on Wednesdays, this date is again suspect. February 1st in 2008 is not a Wednesday.

Well, so much for releasing these games "in honor" of TRON's 25th Anniversary. You guys at Disney missed the mark (and the point) by a country mile. Maybe that's Microsoft's fault, but either way: these games should have been released around the same time as the Anniversary for maximum impact. That opportunity has been lost.

Metacritic also has pages for both game titles, with scores and quotes from the first reviews. For TRON Arcade, the US version of the Official XBOX Magazine (OXM) gave a score of 70. For Discs of TRON, the US version of the magazine gave a score of of 80.

But the UK version of the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM UK) gave both TRON Arcade and Discs of TRON a score of 20, slamming both titles. OXM UK declares TRON Arcade "a train wreck", and says that for Discs of TRON "without even a two-player mode, this won't last you ten minutes". Ouch. Harsh words. Who to believe?

Here are the links to the two relevant Metacritic pages:
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