TRON Comic Trade Paperback

Amazon is now listing a trade paperback for the TRON: The Ghost in the Machine comic from SLG Publishing, which will be a collection of all 6 issues into one book.

The price is listed at $13.57 U.S. (discounted) and has an estimated release date of June 29th, 2008.

Considering that issue #6 of the comic is still not out yet, this means that the final issue should become available around the same time as the paperback. It would be very odd for the collected paperback to pre-empt the actual comic itself, and conclude the story first!

A trade paperback that collects all the issues of the TRON comic into one book is, in a sense, both good and bad news. It's good because a lot of people prefer having just one book instead of several separate ones. And for those who haven't already bought the comic, it's a great way to attract them to the title. But releasing a paperback around the same time as the final issue, means that sales of that last issue will probably plummet as a result. I guess I just find it an odd decision to release a paperback so soon. If the release date at Amazon is correct, that is.

I think Amazon may have jumped the gun and released this information earlier than SLG would have liked. In fact, the paperback isn't even listed on SLG's site yet. Usually, trade paperbacks are announced long after a comic has finished its run.

Thanks to DaveTRON for the news!