TRON Comic Issue 6 Preview Videos

SLG Publishing and TRON: The Ghost in the Machine co-writer Landry Walker, have both recently released videos that contain preview images for issue #6 of the comic. Needless to say, the previews shown are spoilers. So if you don't want to spoil yourself, you may not want to watch the videos.

However, for those who do: here are the two videos. The first is an interview with co-writers Landry Walker and Eric Jones, containing a few preview images. The other is strictly a preview of all the issues of the comic, including some artwork from issue #6.

I also posted some vague spoilers in a previous article, based on a preview copy of issue #6, for the spoiler junkies out there. :)

Interview with TRON Comic
co-writers Landry Walker (left) and Eric Jones (right)

All issues Preview, including some images from issue #6

While I'm at it: I thought I'd include a video released back a couple of years ago, from when the comic debuted.

Early Interview from the time the comic debuted