Jeff Bridges No Longer Working On TRON Sequel?

Rumors currently circulating the internet suggest that Jeff Bridges — who played the lead character in the original TRON film, hacker extraordinaire Kevin Flynn — will no longer appear in the sequel. No reason was given for his departure.

Word is that the film's producers are now scrambling to find a replacement for Jeff, and that their leading pick to replace him is none other than his own brother, Beau Bridges.

If true, this news definitely comes as something of a disappointment. Now, if anyone could replace Jeff, it would be Beau. They're both great actors. But it just won't be quite the same, if it isn't the wise-cracking Flynn played by Jeff that we all knew and quoted endlessly throughout our childhoods.

Until the rumors can be verified, I won't be adding this news to the massive TRON sequel news post that I'm keeping up to date.

UPDATE: Thanks go out to Mr. Sinistar, for finding what is apparently the original source of these rumors.