Another TRON 2.0: KILLER APP Mod Update

April 16th, 2010 UPDATE: This article is out of date. The Killer App Mod v1.1 has been released.

It's been a long time since the last update, but here is the first of a series of short videos (and possibly screenshots) showing some of the new features that will be in the next version of the mod.  More videos are to come, at a later time.

Download a high quality version of the trailer here

This video demonstrates the cutscenes, in-game geometry, and HUD, all in the proper dimensions and aspect ratios for a widescreen display at 1680x1050 resolution.  It also shows a Gold cheat integrated directly into the first level of the game . . . now for some real user power!

Due to the sheer number of updates that the mod will make to the game, from the most minor to the major, and because not all the planned features may end up in the upcoming release: the next version of the mod will likely be released as an Open Beta.  This will allow for the fact that not all features may be complete, and also to allow testing by a broad range of users, to help discover any problems that may crop up.  These issues will be dealt with in another future and final version, based on everyone's feedback.

The release of the Open Beta is tentatively scheduled to occur in the Fall of 2009. As before, no promises are made.  But we will do our best to have the next version completed by the expected timeframe.

Thanks from the LDSO and Killer App Mod teams.

For earlier updates, please read this previous article. More information can also be found on the ModDB KILLER APP Mod page.