TRON April Fool's 2009 Joke Roundup

A little later this time . . . but here's a roundup of all the TRON-related April Fool's jokes for 2009, like the one I did last year.

First, there was the Uwe Boll to direct TRON sequel joke at TRON-Sector. Several of the admins at TRON-Sector conspired to come up with this one, including: TheReelTodd, Mr. Sinistar, and TronFAQ (myself).

If you clicked on the link that was supposed to take you to Uwe Boll's blog, you'd be greeted with this!

Mr. Sinistar created a custom TRON themed Rick Roll just for our April Fool's joke this year, with music and animation.

A lot of people fell for this Uwe Boll joke, so . . . mission accomplished. :)

Second, was the Dan Shor takes over TRON Wiki joke by Mr. Sinistar, who is the admin of the wiki.

Not sure how many fell for this one, but it was definitely an imaginative and unique prank. And you can never have too much Dan Shor. Re-rezz RAM!

Third, was my own Jeff Bridges No Longer Working On TRON Sequel joke.

At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to do this, because I thought it might be in bad taste. But, I couldn't resist the temptation. So I went ahead and did it.

A lot of people fell for this one, because I was careful to make sure the joke wasn't obvious right from the start. With the other jokes, you might have guessed they were fake since they were a bit ridiculous to begin with. Or, they at least had clues in the text that kind of gave it away.

But with this one: unless you clicked the link at the end, you really couldn't be sure. Of course, since Mr. Sinistar had provided us with such a great Rick Roll, I felt compelled to use it again for the link that revealed the truth. :)

Finally, we had the TRON will fight Skynet joke over at the site GiantFreakinRobot.

The joke was that a secret scene would be shown after the end credits of Terminator Salvation, where TRON would fight Skynet. Because . . . Skynet was really the MCP. This secret scene was supposed to kick start the relaunch of the TRON franchise.

TRON. Fighting Skynet. Because it's really the MCP. I kid you not, that was the joke.

I mean, it's like the author didn't even try. At least, with the other jokes this year . . . even if they were a bit silly, they at least sounded somewhat believable. You might have fallen for them. But the whole idea of this TRON vs. Skynet joke is so ludicrous, that practically no one would fall for it. I'd be very surprised if anyone did.

That's all the TRON-related April Fool's jokes that I noticed for this year. If anyone else has any to share, please let us all know by leaving a comment.