TRON Videos: Parodies, And Something Special

With new information and a new trailer from the TRON sequel imminent at this year's San Diego 2009 Comicon: a sudden wave of TRON mania has been hitting filmmakers, who are now releasing parodies based on the original film.

First up, is TRON Reboot. Two episodes have been released, so far. They feature a light-hearted sense of humor, and seem like fond homages that are meant to score geek cred with the fans.

This article will be updated with the next two episodes of TRON Reboot, when they become available.

Next up, is Cheech and Chong's trippy, psychadelic mashup of TRON. Yes, that's right, Cheech and Chong! Needless to say, their parody of TRON is R-rated and not safe for work. So don't watch if you find Cheech and Chong's type of humor offensive. You've been warned!

There are two versions of the video. One is an edited, cut down version that debuted on MSN Video.

Edited Cheech and Chong TRON parody on MSN's Cinemash

The other is the full, unedited version which is quite a bit longer and has some extra behind-the-scenes footage revealing how the video was made.

Also available is an interview with Cheech and Chong: discussing various things, including what they're up to these days, and how Cheech is a fan of the original TRON.

Cheech and Chong Interview on MSN's Cinemash

Finally, a rare interview with Harrison Ellenshaw has appeared on YouTube. Harrison was one of the people who helped supervise special effects on the film, and worked on some of the background paintings. (Yes, TRON used a lot of traditional special effects like paintings and hand drawn animation. It wasn't all done on the computer!)

The majority of the discussion is about TRON, where Harrison is asked what he thinks about the chances of a sequel and how long it will take to be made. Remember that this interview was done 27 years ago! If only Harrison had known how long a sequel would actually take . . .

Thanks to aldul and Mr. Sinistar for their tips.