TRON Evolution PC Version Now Available On Steam

TRON Evolution just arrived on Steam in the last 24 hours (as of the time this article was written).

The Steam release of TRON Evolution has blindsided me. I had no idea it was coming out.

But somehow I managed to post an article with a video showing TRON Evolution (and TRON 2.0) working just fine on Windows 10, the day before its Steam release. Quite an epic coincidence. :) I show how to get both games running properly. (I also have a video showing them running on Windows 8. But Win 10 is still so similar to Win 8 that pretty much everything in the 10 video applies to 8.)

I won't be getting the Steam version unless Disney decides to allow us to use our Retail DVD serial keys to redeem a free copy on Steam. I don't feel like buying the game twice.

Be warned that the Steam version still comes with Games for Windows Live and Securom. Also, the version of GfWL included is apparently out of date which will prevent the game from running on 8/8.1/10. Seems Disney just took what they had and slapped it up on Steam, with virtually no effort put into its re-release.

If an outdated GfWL client is the reason why people can't get the Steam version of Evolution to work, then downloading and installing the GfWL from the link in the article with the Windows 10 video and installing over top of the old GfWL should solve the problem.

I have no idea if TRON 2.0 will be coming out any time soon on Steam. But, probably not, considering how Disney pretends as if TRON 2.0 no longer exists. (Likely since it doesn't "fit in the canon" any more. Bleh. :p)

Any chance of Disney games showing up on instead, probably went down the drain with this announcement. But I hope otherwise!

At least Disney is starting to explore new avenues of selling their older titles, rather than just sitting on them. Maybe one day TRON 2.0 will become available again, after all.